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Battlefield 4: Final Stand DLC ~ Assignment Guide

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This guide is intended to give you information on the assignments that are required to obtain the King in the North trophy.

The assignments are mostly straightforward and require you to use and get kills with the new vehicles and equipment introduced in Final Stand. They may prove to be quite time consuming and potentially frustrating depending on your luck and skill.

Note the new premium member only assignments Ultimate Assault, Ultimate Engineer, Ultimate Support, Ultimate Recon and Ultimate Commander introduced at the same time as Final Stand are not required for the trophy. Neither is the new premium only Phantom assignment, Phantom Operative.

In order to be eligible to complete these assignments you must own the Final Stand DLC and be at least rank 10 or 20 depending on the assignment.

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Map specific: Giants of Karelia / Hammerhead / Hangar 21 / Operation Whiteout

For the first requirement you need to get 30 kills with the Accipiter. You use the Accipiter like the MAV, deploy then attach to it then fly it around using to ascent, to descent, to move it around and to look around (controls depend on setup, descend control is mapped to crouch). To fire the Accipiter's minigun press the fire button (R2 or R1 depending on setup).

The Accipitor's minigun is quite weak and it takes a lot of hits to kill people. Additionally the battery only lasts for around a minute before the Accipitor dies. This can make this requirement quite time consuming as kills can be difficult to come by. The Accipitor can road kill people however so you can try and road kill if you are struggling with the minigun.

The best map I found to use the Accipitor on (on Conquest Small) is Giants of Karelia. That map is the only one where the Accipitor doesn't spawn at a flag so is easier to pick up. Also the area around the pickup does not have a lot of people passing through it so there is less chance of your hiding spot being found.

A tip on how to make your Accipitor last longer is to return it to where you are hiding before the battery runs out. You can then pick it up with and re-deploy immediately with a full battery. Credit to uncharted86 for this tip.

The locations of the XD-1 Accipitor pickup on all the DLC maps is shown in the spoiler.

Reward: XD-1 Accipiter Dog Tag

Map specific: Hammerhead / Hangar 21 / Operation Whiteout

The snowmobile is one of the new vehicles introduced in Final Stand. It is a fast 2 person transport vehicle similar to the quad bike or dirt bike and is used for traversing the snow covered environments found in Final Stand.

For the first requirement you need to get 10 road kills with the snowmobile. Just drive around until you see an enemy and try and run them over. When you succeed you will get a "Roadkill". Get 10 and you will have completed this requirement.

The second requirement you will easily get on your way to the first. Due to the speed of the snowmobile and the rocky nature of the DLC maps the snowmobile will often be launched into the air as you drive around. Once you have spent 5 minutes (300 seconds) in the air this requirement will be complete.

Reward: Snowmobile Dog Tag

Map specific: Hammerhead / Operation Whiteout

The HT-95 Levkov, hover tank is a new vehicle found on the Final Stand maps Hammerhead and Operation Whiteout. The hover tank is a lot more mobile than a regular MBT however it is not as accurate as the turret is not free to move separate to the tank body (i.e. the turret always points to the front of the tank).

You will need to destroy 15 vehicles with the hover tank for the assignment. Destroying any vehicle will count towards this requirement, as will any vehicle you destroy as the gunner. Do bear in mind that you need to get the "Vehicle Destroyed" bonus so destroying empty vehicles wont count (unless the enemy has only just exited the vehicle).

The other requirement for this assignment, to spend 10 minutes (600 seconds) in the hover tank, you will probably achieve whilst getting the 15 vehicle destroys. If not simply keep using the hover tank until you've spent 10 minutes in it.

The hover tank is a flag spawning vehicle, the flags it will spawn at are shown in the spoiler below.

Reward: HT-95 Levkov Dog Tag

Map specific: Giants of Karelia / Hammerhead / Hangar 21 / Operation Whiteout

The Rorsch Mk-1 or railgun is a new battle pickup in the Final Stand DLC. The first requirement for this assignment will prove a little frustrating as the railgun doesn't do that much damage to vehicles.

Max damage against an MBT seems to be 35, against an IFV it is similarily low and with the long reload time of the railgun it is somewhat pointless trying to destroy armoured vehicles with the gun unless team mates are damaging them at the same time.

The railgun doesn't fair much better against other vehicles. An initial hit on a helicopter will always mobility hit however by the time the railgun has reloaded the pilot will have recovered and you'll be back to square one. Against snowmobiles and quad bikes you only ever seem to kill the driver, never the vehicle.

That's the bad news, now for the good. Equipment and emplacement kills count as a vehicle destroy for this assignment making it a lot easier. Spawn beacons, SOFLAMs and the SC-42 emplacement have all been confirmed as counting (thanks to darkdante14 for this information).

Maps showing the locations of the railgun pickup are in the spolier below.

Reward: Rorsch Mk-1 Dog Tag

Map specific: Giants of Karelia / Hammerhead / Hangar 21 / Operation Whiteout. Second requirement can only be done on Hangar 21.

The Schipunov 42 is the new emplacement in Final Stand that fires a volley of projectiles and is found at most flags. Although it can damage vehicles it is far more effective against infantry so you should concentrate on foot soldiers when trying to get the 25 kills.

For the other part of the assignment you need to spend 5 minutes in the air with the launch pod. The pod launcher is found on the map Hangar 21 and is a vehicle that launches the soldier into the air in a protective pod. To launch yourself from the launcher, enter it by holding square, aim to where you want to go and press the fire button (R1 or R2 depending on setup). After a couple of seconds you will be fired into the air in the launch pod. When the pod hits the ground you will be automatically exited from it or you can exit it in mid air and parachute down to the ground by holding . You need to spend 5 minutes (300 seconds) in the air inside this pod.

Due to the larger map area of Conquest Large and the positioning of pod launchers near flags you will probably get this playing naturally. Or you can keep firing yourself between pod locations until you have spent 5 minutes in the air.

On Conquest Small however there is only a single pod launcher which is a little out the way from any flag so you will need to make a point of going there. To get 5 minutes air time ASAP you can aim as high as the launcher will go and fire yourself straight up into the air. Then stay in the pod until you fall back to the ground. Rinse and repeat.

The location of the pod launcher is shown in the map below. Red indicates the location of the launcher on Conquest Large, orange on Conquest Large and Conquest Small.

Warning if you launch your pod straight after another person without changing the trajectory there is a chance your pods will collide and kill you both.

Reward: Tundra Camouflage

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Map specific: Giants of Karelia / Hammerhead / Hangar 21 / Operation Whiteout

This assignment is relatively easy although it will be time consuming and require some luck. Play the DLC maps until you have accumulated a total of 10 hours play time on those maps. You can check your progress on Battlelog and in-game although it only shows the number of hours you have played, not minutes. It still gives a rough estimate of how long you still need to play however.

The reason I say the assignment is easy despite you needing 40 wins is simply because this isn't something you can achieve alone. You need a team to win a round, all you can do is play the game, play the objective as best you can and hope your team is good enough to help you get the win.

Be aware you need to finish the round for it to count toward the assignment. Even though it counts as a win in your stats if you leave mid-round, for it to count for the assignment you do need to finish it.

All game modes count towards the assignment so you can pick whichever one you prefer. Team Deathmatch and Domination rounds tend to be shorter than other game modes so are a good choice for getting the wins quickly. Note Air Superiority, Carrier Assault and Chainlink game modes are not available on Final Stand maps.

Reward: Frostbite Camouflage

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For full details of all the trophies in the Final Stand DLC, check out my trophy guide.

This Trophy Guide and Roadmap is for use on Playstation 4, PlayStation 3 Trophies, News, Guides & Forums at only! If you see this guide, or any part of it on another website, please let me or the site's admin know via PM as soon as possible.

Vyrastas - for the Trophy Guide Template
darkdante14 - for the tip on the railgun and general guidance and advice
uncharted86 - for the accipitor tip

Feel free to leave feedback, suggestions, etc. Thanks!

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The target detector in Battlefield 4 is an often ignored unlockable weapon accessory for two classes of gun, the carbines and the Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR’s).  The target detector is a futuristic accessory that automatically detects and spots targets when you aim down sights with equipped weapons.  That means the little orange triangles, often referred to Doritos, appear over the heads of your enemies and appear on the mini-map of your team.  Spotting enemies is very helpful to your team, it can save their lives and help them hunt down target.  It also helps you if the enemy runs out of sight.  Of course you can spot by hitting Q on the keyboard or the spotting button on the controller, but the target detector does it automatically saving you time. 

For me the target detector often spots opponents that I haven’t even seen lurking in the shadows or barely peaking around cover, but isn’t perfect and does not work all the time.  Another benefit besides helping you and your team are spotting bonuses.  If your teammates kill an enemy that you spotted you get points, and if you get 5 spotting bonuses you get a spotting ribbon and even more free points.  The more extra enemies you and your teammates kill the more likely you are to win the match further increasing your points and working toward your goals of unlocking new weapons, abilities and ranking up.   

So how do you get this helpful weapon upgrade in Battlefield 4 and what are the drawbacks of using it.  To unlock the target detector for other guns you need complete the Eye Spy assignment by playing a Final Stand map and get 20 kills with a carbine or DMR and get a spotting ribbon.  Luckily you don’t need to meet these criteria in a single match, but all the kills and ribbon must be completed on a final stand map.  The Final Stand is an extra DLC that you have to purchase, or it comes free with Premium.  Is the target detector with purchasing Final Stand just for that purpose?  I don’t think so, but the maps are nice and the future setting adds to the interest of the game.

The only major drawback to the weapon accessory is that it takes the spot of a laser sight or flashlight.  Personally I never use either, because I feel that they give my position away.  Nearly every match I get at least one kill or avoid being killed because I have found someone based on seeing their laser sight or flashlight.  Another drawback is that this accessory is only found on the weapon classes many do not like.

Perhaps another issue is that the target detector only comes standard with one gun that is available to everyone from the start of the games, and it is a bad gun, the Groza -1.  The Groza 1 is actually ok at close ranges, but its best attribute it that you get to try out the target detector and see if it worth the trouble of unlocking for the other carbines and DMRs. 

In summary I really like having the target detector as an accessory for the carbine and dmr weapons, it gives these weapon classes the little something extra they need to be competitive in Battlefield 4.  

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