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...Running head: A FAMILY CELEBRATION A Family Celebration Tamica Ellis AIU Abstract A family celebration is a time for family to get together on any occasion, whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation ceremony, holiday or a family gathering. A celebration is a time to celebrate and have fun. A celebration is a memory you can’t forget, because it means a lot to you. It’s the type of memory; you can pass down from generation to generation. For example, a family reunion is a great celebration, when thinking of family. Celebrations doesn’t have to be big, it can consist of a grandmother, mother, father, brother, sister or friend. I think everyone has a memory of some type of family celebration in their life time. I really believe families should celebrate special occasions together and depend on one another in any type of situation. A Family Celebration On April 7, 2011, my daughter Kemari Leah was born at 9:11am. That was a very special celebration to me. Not all my family members were there, at the hospital, but my immediate family (mom, brother, sister, and fiancé) were. It was such a joy to have a new edition to the family. Since I had her before the expected delivery date, I wasn’t able to have my baby shower as planned. So instead everyone decided to come...

Essay about Running

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Running is very good for humans in many different ways. It is a great way to get exercise, and a great way to meet new people. There are many positives, and some negatives, it is easy, enjoyable and makes humans more social, you can do it at anytime, and it relieves stress rather than give stress. Although there are some negatives with running, there are also many positives. Many people run because of the health reasons. It is good for the heart and lungs and people run in the fresh air. Running outside rather than inside is good for you too because of the fresh air. Running also relieves tension, by running, people can think about their problems without having to worry about anyone hearing them. They can think about whatever…show more content…

There can also be too much competition which happens when there are people competing for a prize. People can also get discouraged when running because some are doing it to lose weight and some do not lose weight. People can also “hit the wall” when running which happens when a person overdoes their exercise and can be physically harmed. Although there are some negatives, there are more positives to running. Running is easy, enjoyable and is very social. Many people see running as a good place to meet new people and enjoyable to do, it is also one of the easiest ways to exercise. Running can be very fun, it is easy because you need no experience to run. Training for races is also fun it can be done by men and women, girls and boys at any age. You can meet new people who can be very social able, you can meet new people by either running by yourself or with a friend or spouse. People of all sizes and races and ages can run it is a great way to meet new people and a great way to exercise. Running is a great way to exercise and you could do it anytime and anywhere. People can run either on streets or on paths, but paths are a bit more ideal. Running is more ideal to do on hard surfaces, but is better exercise if you do it on uneven ground. You can run too fast and you can run too far but whether you run fast or far you are still running and are still getting exercise. To prevent getting hurt while running

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