It 238 Week 5 Assignment Ashford

Week 5 Assignment: Final Paper Final Paper: Project Management “Project managers are the most creative pros in the world; we have to fgure out everything that could go wrong, be±ore it does” – Frederick Haren. In today’s society, project management is a growing feld that is being utilized by businesses and is considered to be “critical to sustainable growth” (Larson & Gray, 2014, p. 3). E²ective project management helps businesses, over a period o± time, to complete their desired goals and objectives. Project management ±ocuses on the businesses priorities, measures and tracks per±ormances, overcoming challenges and problems that may arise, and to be able to be ³exible and adapt to changes while developing a higher per±ormance that leads to success in the projects being done. This paper will highlight and defne the importance and benefts o± project management and its importance to the business world, project li±e-cycle management and its benefts o± project to an organization, explaining project li±e-cycles, research and critical thinking in planning, the importance o± leadership and sponsorships, team building and its success±ul techniques, the importance o± the work break down structure and how the project manager breaks down the project into packages, and the need ±or project so±tware and its benefts to project management. First, project management uses processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to accomplish the project’s objectives. “It can be defned as P a g e 2 | 13

UNDERSTANDING AND COPING 2 Change within a business or organization is inevitable and even necessary. “For many years, the world of business has experienced an increasing rate of change” (Baack, 2012, Ch.10.4). Alvin Toffler (1970) predicted the trend several decades ago. Toffler also noted that people exhibit a natural tendency to resist change. This resistance to change is a major organizational challenge that organizations must learn to manage. As individuals respond to change in different ways, and as variations in responses produce different outcomes the recognition of this resistance to change is an essential step in the development and implementation of effective change management strategies. Change, positive or negative, is unsettling because people seek stability. Certain individuals are more resistant to change than others, at times there can be situational characteristics such as a lack of trust in management contributing to this resistance to change. Often this resistance to change is out of self interest, at stake can be factors such as income, job security, prestige, power, and personal convenience. Low tolerance for change, lack of trust in management, and self interest are all factors which result in resistance to change. However my experience suggests that lack of understanding of the need for change can be the single greatest contributing factor and is the factor which the organization has the greatest control over. My current employer is in the process of implementing a major change in the organizational structure. Without going into too much detail the restructure involves changes to the pay structure and changes in organizational reporting . As is the case with most organizational changes there has been a great deal of resistance involved. Previously I suggested that lack of understanding of the need for change can be the single greatest contributing factor and the factor which the organization has the greatest control over. I believe that to be the case here, the organization has done an absolutely abysmal job in

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