Criminology Reflective Essay Ideas

There are thousands of people from many parts of the world who commit crimes. Every minute someone is being robbed, assaulted, or murdered. The statistics shows unbelievably high global crime rates, and it is hard to imagine how numbers would actually look like if all crimes were reported and what panic would they cause. People tend to care more about things that relate to them, their friends, family, city, or country directly, not often bothering about the major issues that exist outside their 'comfort zone.' When problems they did not worry about suddenly appear in that zone, they have no clue how to resolve them. It would certainly be much easier to find solutions together, gather the experience and knowledge of different people and countries, understand roots of problems, and make effective changes that would bring more peace to the world. Unfortunately, it is impossible to get rid of malfeasance in full and for good, as we do not live in the utopia. However, by studying crimes and understanding everything that stands behind them, we can start taking valid resultative thought-out actions that will significantly drop crime rates and prevent numerous crimes in the future. The study that can help us understand what is needed to achieve these goals is known as criminology.

There has always been a question why people, unlike many other species, destroy and harm one another, and criminology tries to find the answers. It aims to explain every question that has to do with crimes, find reasons why they occur and why people commit them. Also, it searches for the ways to prevent crimes and extirpate certain types of wrongdoings. This subject is closely related to a few other disciplines like sociology, psychology, law, and anthropology, which help to study crimes and criminal behavior more thoroughly. The results of such study can be reported in a criminology research paper. Hence, criminology is a vast and complex course, which requires a student to be very patient, persistent, and hardworking; so, if you are pursuing a degree in the sphere or take criminology classes, be ready to put a lot of effort in your studies. It is not an easy assignment to write criminology essays. UK writing services can become very useful when helping to complete such tasks. However, if you ever face difficulties with homework assignments, like many other people mastering the discipline, our professional team is always here to provide you with high-quality writing help.

Criminology is a very broad discipline that covers numerous subjects, and, hence, it is often hard to pick a topic to write criminology research papers on. Fortunately, this sphere is also very interesting, so you can easily find something you like in every area of studies. However, you will not always stumble upon actual and researchable topics that will appeal to you and your teacher. That is why decided to provide you with a kick-start criminology dissertation help and make a list of excellent spheres to search for topics in with detailed explanations that will let you make the choice faster.

  1. Terrorism.
    Nowadays, unfortunately, even children know what terrorism is, as this problem is currently a global challenge. The society has been facing the issue of terrorism for centuries, and, as we live in very politically and economically unstable times, terroristic acts keep occurring all over the world, wracking massive havoc and leading to deaths of thousands of innocent people. And, if previously terrorists were known mainly for bombing, shooting, and executing people, they are now taking more serious lethal actions. With development of technology and scientific fields, the opportunity to use all substances and devices that were meant to help people has arisen. Numerous virus strains and dangerous substances, which are hard but possible to get, provide a terrorist with biological and chemical weapon that can stamp the humanity out of existence. Even in small amounts, this 'weapon' is extremely lethal and can cause irreparable damage to not only our species, but all animals, plants, and even the whole planet. Another form of modern terrorism is cyberterrorism, which involves using computers and other technological devices to access, steal, and change private information of people and companies. Thus, hackers can lay hands on confidential data, steal money from accounts, modify the work of different systems, and cause a lot more harm. As terrorism is now taking dozens of different forms, it is crucial to realize the reasons people attack, what or who influences them, how those people should be judged, and what can be done to prevent these attacks. Writing an essay on criminology, you can discuss these questions, future forms a terrorism can take, ways to protect civilians from harm, and other things that can help understand the issue of terrorism.
  2. Victimology.
    There is always an individual who suffers certain harm in a crime, and that person is called a victim. Victimology studies such people, the ways to help them rehabilitate and survive crimes, and tries to understand their relationships with perpetrators and criminal justice system. For years, specialists gathered and analyzed the information about crime victims to define whether they have any similarities and see how they interact with criminals. Hence, now we can divide victims into different classes depending on their behavior, emotional state, and other factors. When medical and police workers know what kind of victim they are trying to help, they can act in the ways that would be the best for an aggrieved person and investigation of the case. As it is now known that some people are more likely to become victims, there is a need for methods of crime prevention that would consider the information available on this discovery. Also, it is important to find effective ways of working with people who have unhealthy relationships with their offenders like women with abusive husbands or individuals with Stockholm Syndrome. Such people have problems testifying against their insulters or quitting this type of relationships, thus putting themselves in a lot of danger, hindering the investigation, or even helping offenders to avoid punishment. There are a lot more issues that have to be resolved, so if you need to write a thesis of criminology practices or any of its subdisciplines, victimology is a perfect topic with plenty of questions to discuss.
  3. Human Trafficking.
    Even though many people think that slavery is in the past, and we live in more or less humanistic society now, the problem of slavery did not fade away but rather took a different form, which is known as human trafficking. Millions of people, mostly women and children, who disappear every year, became a part of the huge international trade system. Such persons are being sold to interested parties and considered as the property of a buyer, being forced into the hard labor, marriage, surrogacy, sexual slavery, or other forms of exploitation. It is almost impossible to trace people who arrange the abduction and trades as they are highly protected, do everything carefully, and, in most cases, have powerful friends who can cover them and their illegal actions. Hence, now human trafficking is an international problem that neither governments of different countries nor special organizations are able to solve. Even though some of them have a certain success rate as they save thousands of people each year, millions remain as slaves, and the rescued individuals can hardly live normal lives after the awful experience they had to go through. There is a need for the better search methods, preventive measures, rehabilitation programs, and penalty for the persons who neglect others' rights. Therefore, human trafficking is a topic that has to be studied and discussed more in order to find solutions to numerous existing problems in the area, to raise awareness in the society and help to stop the modern-world slavery. Nowadays, human trafficking can be considered as the issue of the day and, at the same time, as the topic for a thesis in criminology.
  4. Legalization of drugs.
    Even though legalization of drugs is one of the most popular topics, it remains hot and actual, as arguments around it never stop. There is a huge group of people who claim that every person should be free to consume whatever he or she wants as long as it does not harm others. And, in most of the cases, by drug legalization, such people mean marijuana legalization, as cannabis is widely used for medical purposes and has a temporary calming effect, so consumers do not show signs of aggression, and, unlike alcoholics, are rather inoffensive. However, as marijuana is still a drug, it causes addiction, brain damage, panic, anxiety, and has many other destructive effects. Even if its decriminalization lowers the crime rates or boosts economy, national health will lower drastically, and depression will become a major issue. Marijuana may seem a medical miracle as it prevents numerous diseases, but there are as many positive effects as there are negative ones. So which ones will eventually outweigh others? There are thousands of questions and many of them remain unanswered in most criminology papers. Essays are written on the day-to-day basis, and they server as a good opportunity to bring a fresh view into the never-ending discussion and try to make certain questions less controversial.
  5. Female serial killers.
    According to the statistical data, more than 90% of people who commit homicide are men. Males are also more likely to be involved in other types of crimes like theft, rape, assault, or harassment. Females, on the other hand, are rarely playing the role of perpetrators and are more likely to be victims of different types of crimes. The number of women serving the sentence for homicide is extremely small, and most of the imprisoned individuals are either mentally unstable or were under the strong influence of certain people or circumstances while killing a person. It is hard to study female murderers, as there are too many different reasons why they kill. However, there are persons who baffle psychologists, sociologists, and criminal experts even more, and these are female serial killers. Female serial killers have complex personalities - they are careful, accurate, methodological, and punctilious when it comes to murder. They plan their actions beforehand, thinking all details through, and, therefore, are considered more lethal and successful than male serial killers. Women are usually left unsuspected when it comes to series of homicides, which helps them remain unnoticed and continue bringing their fatal plans to life. Hence, criminologists do not have much information to study phenomena of female serial killers, their behavior and motifs, but there is data that can and should be analyzed in order to understand such murderous individuals and measures that should be taken in order to identify and catch them more effectively. Investigated cases, published reports, criminology articles and other available materials on the topic might be useful while investigating the issue.

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Criminology Reflection

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Over the years I have been a faithful fan of anything crime related; the anatomy of a crime, from the crime itself, to the investigation, and finally the court for trial and sentencing. I enjoyed the process. The internet became an interesting tool for me to learn all the different things I wanted to know about the subject of crime. I would see something in the media or on television but kept a neutral point of view about technology that was used on a program. Logically speaking, if a crime could be solved in 47 minutes and DNA results took weeks or months, not minutes to process than would it not make sense that real life crimes would be solved far quicker in the name of swift justice. This is the reason why I enjoy learning in a real world environment about different aspects of criminology. I must admit I did feel as though I had a good basic grasp of what forensic science is, but this class helped to put some missing pieces in place.

There were several areas that piqued my interest and made me want to learn more such as ethics, more importantly, the need to be ethical in the collection of evidence, processing of evidence, and the testimony that is given in trial. The need to be ethical should be expected as part of a person’s character, especially when presenting something that could prove guilt or innocence, naïve as that might sound. However, we live in the real world and someone’s ethical behavior can come into question.

For instance, a first responder who took pictures of a mangled car and a dead body, and suddenly it has gone viral, perhaps even making profit from the photo or video (in this case it was just for sick humor). Dayna Kempson-Schacht had been in a deadly car accident, and a local firefighter had captured video of the victim, which eventually ended up on the internet, going viral, for the entire world to see. The parents eventually viewed to video of their daughter’s last moments. The firefighter was heard saying "Look at that piece of skull right there on the console.” This type of behavior is unacceptable in the realm of public safety (Hayes, 2010).

This extends to all aspects of criminal justice. Even cases such as O.J. Simpson (cliché I know) have raised questions about the ethical behavior at the crime scene about how the evidence was collected and processed, not to mention possible racial bias and planting of evidence as a direct result.

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Regardless, there are other cases such as Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony where the issue of contamination was an issue. Contamination is the result of sloppy work and a lack of effort on the part of the technician. Evidence must always be packaged into proper containers and stored correctly in order to avoid contamination. When evidence is being collected, the utmost care is needed to ensure that there is no contamination or degrading of a sample. For instance, biological evidence that is packaged into paper packaging should be thoroughly dry. (Gaensslen, Harris, & Lee, 2008)

Other aspects of a crime scene really stood out to me. I did understand the basic anatomy of a crime scene and how it is processed but further research gave me a much broader picture of how it is done. It was interesting to learn more about the various roles that each person plays at a crime scene. The first responder has the daunting task of checking victims, try to ascertain what has happened, cordoning off the scene, and giving all their information to the investigators and crime scene technicians. The tedious task of surveying, searching, documenting, and collecting the evidence, taking great care to make sure that everything is logged, and cataloged correctly for processing, and it is a job I would never envy.

This class did give me some great interaction with some people, but I do feel that since I have no interest in going into the field of forensic science (general term) the class was more about adding to my educational toolbox. I thoroughly enjoyed the way you as our instructor would elaborate and expound on the various subjects. You presented me with challenging questions and often left me and Svetlana asking more questions. This was one of the best parts about the class. On a negative note, I will say that I felt as though many did not put near the effort that they could have into the forum, thus it presented me with the challenge of trying to engage in some kind of comment or communication. Copying from a book isn’t learning or teaching me anything, it was the insights that the few other students and you brought to the forum.

Overall, I would say that this was a good experience, something that will certainly help add to my knowledge, but it also gives me a much more defined career path. Each class brings a wealth of knowledge to me, but when you are addicted to crime show like I am, the need to dive further into the subject of crime has me on the internet constantly (figuratively speaking) wanting to know more. The only real difference now is that I know to research more than one or two ideas as there can be more than one answer or opinion to learn from. Logic is such an integral part of criminology, and I do see that as such a exciting part of pursuing this degree. Thank you for a great experience and sharing your knowledge.

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