Bibliography Of Maths Project Model

  • The study focused on fairly stable implementations of a first-edition Standards-based high school mathematics curriculum that was used by all students in each of three schools.

  • It involved students who experienced up to seven years of Standards-based mathematics curricula and instruction in middle school and high school.

  • It monitored students' mathematical achievement, beliefs, and attitudes for four years of high school and one year after graduation.

  • Prior to the study, many of the teachers had one or more years of experience teaching the Standards-based curriculum and/or professional development focusing on how to implement the curriculum well.

  • In the study, variations in levels of implementation of the curriculum are described and related to student outcomes and teacher behavior variables.

  • Product Description

    If you ask most students, they will tell you that they do not do much writing in their math class. This project will change that! Students should be writing in EVERY class. This is just one of the ways students could use writing in math.

    This is a project in which students will be doing research and writing biographies about mathematicians. I had my students pick the name of a mathematician out of a hat. I tried to make sure each student in a class got a different mathematician.

    I used this website to come up with names:

    This document includes:
    -instructions for the student
    -questions about the mathematician for them to answer in their paper
    -grading rubric
    -FULLY EDITABLE so that you may adjust any guidelines as needed.

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