Exchange Rate Tourist Comparison Essay

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Martin Lewis money saving website could save you loads on your summer holiday

Most Brits know airports don't give holidaymakers the best exchange rate for their cash. 

But trying to find the best exchange rate can be a complicated process – especially for someone trying to find the best deal and save money.

A newly-launched website is here to help floundering holidaymakers with a tracker on all the best exchange rates.

Travel Money Max helps Brits find where to get the most for their money when exchanging for a foreign currency.

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Swapping £1000 for euro on the highstreet today Brits could get an extra £39 using the site.

Currently the best option is with the Best Foreign Exchange, getting travellers €1,173 with an exchange rate of 1.174.

M&S, however, would see holidaymakers only getting £1,134 with an exchange rate of 1.134, losing out on £39.

Run by Martin Lewis, founder of, it’s a handy way to make your holiday a bit cheaper.

How to get the best exchange rate

Tue, March 28, 2017

Exchange rate: How to get the best deal on your holiday money.


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How to get the best exchange rate

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Make your next holiday go further with this travel money website

It works by tracking the current rate from travel bureaus, Post offices and banks, comparing them and working out the best and worst options near the postcode entered

By inputting the currency one wishes to exchange, the amount to exchange and a postcode, the best options will be shown.

It works by tracking the current rate from travel bureaus, Post offices and banks, comparing them and working out the best and worst options near the postcode entered.

Don’t have time to collect it? It even shows the best rates for delivery. 

Holidays are becoming increasingly expensive for travellers as the exchange rate fluctuates.

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Save money when heading abroad with money saving website Travel Money Max

Yet the pound to euro exchange rate has thankfully recovered after a worrying dip yesterday.

GDP has grown only 0.3 per cent in 2017 thus far, 0.7 per cent down from the last months of 2016. 

However the Pound sterling is currently 1.1813 against the euro, up from a low of 1.1350 that rocked the market.

So with May starting off on a high, its is a positive change from recent months as the summer holiday season starts.

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It’s not just about the price – make sure that you compare the little details

When you’re looking for the best foreign currency deals, it always pays to think about all those little extra details that could sway your decision. Here are a few things to consider:

When will you get your cash or prepaid currency card?

If you’re traveling the next day, you don’t want to wait ten working days for delivery. Order our Travel Money Card by 1pm (EST) and it will arrive the very next day.

How will you get your foreign currency? Would it be more convenient to have your money delivered to your home or to pick it up from the airport? At Travelex, we offer both home delivery and store pick up.

Will your credit card be charged?

Some providers charge over 2% for using a credit card to buy foreign currency, which can make a huge difference. Here at Travelex we don’t charge you for paying by credit or debit card, however you may want to check with your card issuer to find out if they charge an additional cash advance fee, as some may do when you pay using a credit card.

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