Modern Academy Indirapuram Holiday Homework For Class

Welcome to Samsara-The World Academy. The Samsara School, affiliated to CBSE, stands for progressive education for the modern Indian. The schools' philosophy that encourages children to be independent and socially responsible. Our emphasis on a well-rounded, firmly grounded education encourages a stellar performance from students in the arena of sports. National level players have emerged in badminton, skating, judo and taekwondo. Arts form the cornerstone of our curriculum. Theatre, debating, creative writing, dance and music are an important focus in a student's school life, which encourages original thought and creativity, whilst instilling discipline. As visionary in education, the Samsara family wants to bring to Greater Noida an unparalleled access to education and a commitment to excellence and progressive thought.

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Modern School is synonymous with quality education and is a pioneer in mooting all-round development and to foster an all-round growth in its wards. This prestigious temple of education was established in 1920 in a building located in Daryaganj, New Delhi. This precinct found itself embedded in a sprawling mansion that belonged to Lala Sultan Singh. His philanthropic gesture was a result of his son’s vision of an institution par excellence which would be a jugalbandhi of traditional Indian system of education and modern educational techniques. Lala Sultan Singh was a prominent businessman in British-ruled India in the early 1880’s. Khushwant Singh’s articles provide more details on his life. Sultan Singh’s son, Lala Raghubir Singh, founded the school to provide quality education, and to foster all-round growth of a child. Lala Raghubir Singh was the spirit and the soul of the school. Read more

Message from Dr. Vijay Datta, Principal

In a world torn by conflicts and differences in social, economic and political realms we must try to unlock new ways of viewing problems and open doors to a brand new world of potential solutions and perceptions.
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