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Best Political Economy Essay Topics and Ideas

The most successful businessmen today may all have one secret. They all understand and contribute to the development of political economy. Whether it is interpreting trade and marketing or analyzing the relevance of financial theories, scholars in Business must prepare the best political economy essay topics.  With these papers, you can take off in your careers and become recognized by your competitors. This article will give you interesting topics and ideas to begin with.

The Process of Choosing a Topic

Before you decide on the best political economy essay topic, it is essential to review the basics of writing economic papers and the considerations to take as you begin your researches. Here you will see a thorough explanation of steps to take when choosing a research subject for this special field.

Understand the research questions of available literature

As you hit the library and start browsing books, you must take in all the possible references that gain your interests. Whatever specialty you find valuable to your business and career, you can always trust the political economy essay topics would rely heavily on the research questions.

Note that research questions usually focus on:

  • Data used and reliability of results
  • Major issues of past scholars
  • Relevance of subject to society
  • Standards models and its value

Propose a contribution with significant change

Note that all academic writing serves a specific purpose. When you write a paper for political economy, you would want to make an implication or influence in the field study. The clearer your sense of purpose is in the paper equates to its value among your peers. You can make an effective contribution by establishing a possible change in the model, technique, or research question of your literature.

Remember the value of research and reflect

With some political economy essay topics, the current issues of the research should not be emphasized. This major focuses on the theories and its value since changes in international political occur daily. It would also be a heavy burden on a scholar to pinpoint present problems with the basic research theories. In these cases, the value of the basic models with a proposed change should be in the mind and heart of a writing scholar instead.

30 Political Economy Essay Topics

Now that you have an idea on how to handle your literature, you are ready to learn the best essay topics. With the right subject, you may rise as a dark horse in your business and career. This is a list of the latest political economy essay topics that will help you achieve more.

  1. Shadow banking
  2. High public debt
  3. Financial market diversity
  4. Market reform construction
  5. Alternative policy making
  6. Calorie consumption
  7. Retirement benefits
  8. Specifics in Labor share crisis
  9. Inflation targeting in an open economy
  10. Global capital flows
  11. Specifics in global financial crisis
  12. Inequality in a specific area
  13. Commodity futures
  14. Comparison of labor productivity in key business areas
  15. Speculative and productive investments
  16. Deficit issues
  17. Wall Street regulation
  18. Indicators and impact of unemployment
  19. Capital accumulation
  20. Employment performance cross-country
  21. Progressive taxation
  22. Contemporary employment dynamics
  23. State capacity in progressing areas
  24. Development of post-conflict areas
  25. Economic profession regards to ethics
  26. Financial marketing aging
  27. Redefinition of poverty
  28. Financial concern issues caused by global warming
  29. Impact of stereotyping
  30. Specifics in global imbalances

How Political Economy Essays are Tested

As you can see, the political economy major has a colorful set of interests. There are several practices that you can take to tackle them. One way you can ensure you chose the right subject among the political economy essay topics is to practice. You can find effective advice here.

Our main tip is to start with just the introduction of your subject.

When you compose the introduction of your essay, you will be able to assess if you understand your research well. You would know that you are on the right path with your chosen subject.

Writing an introduction can be very easy. It can take only 30 minutes. The keys to a good beginning of this type of paper are:

  • Give the readers the juice or the reason why your subject is relevant to economics
  • Briefly analyze your specific insights to your literature. This will help readers see your subject has a basis. At the same time, it will establish your own stand.
  • Directly specify your research question. Again, focus on the major issues or relevance of your thesis.

When you master political essay economic essay topics, you will find yourself excelling in your business career. You can become one of the most prominent business personalities study all the aspects of economics and end up being known.

If you hear the word “economy” and your only thought is that you need to get to your local warehouse store to buy another economy-size container of cheese puffs, it’s probably good that you’ve decided to read this post for a few ideas for your upcoming economics essay.

So wipe your hands of that sparkling cheese dust, and let’s take a look at 10 economics essay topics to help you get started with your economics essay.

10 Economics Essay Topics That Will Improve Your Bottom Line

I’ve included a broad list of topic ideas with suggestions on how you might develop the topic into a specific type of paper, such as an argument, compare and contrast, or pros and cons essay.

Keep in mind that your prof may, of course, have different ideas as to what type of assignment you should be writing. In other words, read your assignment guidelines closely.

Within the list of economics essay topics, I’ve also included several sample essays for added inspiration. So make sure to check them out as you scroll through the topics.

1. Supply and demand

Gas prices are an excellent example of supply and demand. Gas prices often rise in the summer due, in part, to the high demand of summer travelers. If the prices rise too high, however, demand falls, there is a surplus of gas, and thus prices will usually fall.

If you’re writing about supply and demand, you might write an informative essay to simply explain the supply and demand of a product. You could also write an argument essay about how supply (or prices) should be higher or lower based on the market.

Sample essays:

2. Culture and economics

A discussion about culture and economics might revolve around several cultural groups and how they impact the economy. Or the discussion might focus on one specific group (such as millennials) and how they affect the economy.

Sample essay:

3. Consumerism

I’m sure you’ve purchased your share of products in your lifetime. So writing about consumerism might be one of those essays in which you can share personal experiences. Perhaps you can even discuss how and why you spend, and how it has affected your life.

(Think cause and effect essay—did overspending on those concert tickets put a big dent in your budget? How did this affect your spending the following week?)

Sample essays:

4. Historical overview

A historical overview economics essay could take the form of a comprehensive overview of a specific time period (and its impact on society).

An overview might also focus on one specific component of the economy (such as interest rates or technology) and trace its impact throughout a time period.

Sample essays:

An introduction to the history of…

5. Immigration

Immigration is another one of those topics that lends itself to a cause and effect essay.

You might consider the impact of immigrants (either legal or illegal) in an entire country, one region, or one city. Or you might consider the impact of immigrants on an industry, such as farming.

You could also take another approach. Discuss what would happen to the economy if immigrants were no longer allowed to enter the country. Or conversely, you could discuss what would happen if current immigrants left the country.

Sample essay:

6. Trade policies

If you’re writing about trade policies, perhaps explain how policies impact one country. You could also try comparing and contrasting the policies of two or three different countries.

Sample essays:

7. Interest rates

Ever buy something with a credit card and then look at your statement the next month to see how much you’re paying in interest? (It’s painful. Try to pay off your credit cards ASAP!)

This personal experience with credit card interest rates might help you envision how interest rates can affect purchases in a larger company. It might also help you understand how and why interest rates may change.

Have an awesome idea for an explanatory essay about interest rates but just can’t seem to get the words in place? Check out 4 Proven Ways to Keep Writer’s Block From Ruining Your Essay.

Sample essays:

8. Recession

Recessions affect just about everyone. If you know people who’ve lived through a recession (or two), their insights might be just what you need to add a local perspective to your research.

Need a few ideas to help create a survey for your economics essay? Read How to Write Perfect Survey Questions for Your Paper.

Sample essay:

9. Inflation

Some amount of inflation can actually be good for an economy. But if inflation increases too much, it can cause some instability and discourage spending and economic growth.

Making a list of the advantages and disadvantages is the perfect start to writing a pros and cons essay about inflation.

Sample essays:

10. Employment rates

Employment rates and the economy go hand in hand. If your goal is to explain how the two are connected, this is the perfect time to brush up on your research paper skills. That might include brushing up on MLA or APA citation styles.

Sample essay:

Word Economy

Writing an economics essay doesn’t mean that you throw out a bunch of ten-dollar words that you learned in class just to make yourself sound smart. You also shouldn’t add those words just to fill up space to meet word count.

Once you settle on one of the above economics essay topics, check out these resources to help you keep your word choices economical:

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