Grade 1 Homework Activities

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First Grade Homework Worksheets

Use these first grade homework worksheets for extra practice with sight words. Our reproducibles are fun for students to complete and easy to do at home.

The directions on these pages are simple, and no extra information is needed from the classroom. A parent or family helper can simply read the instructions to their child and then watch the learning and fun begin!

Don't miss the important tips in the yellow box below.

String Things!

On this engaging page, the student strings together letters to form sight words. Then he uses the words he makes to complete sentences at the bottom of the page.

Download the printable version.

Hidden Color Words

On this page, the student must find a color word hidden inside a group of letters. He will write the letter twice, and also use that color to shade the crayon. This first grade worksheet gives lots of valuable repetition, while connecting words and ideas.

Download the printable version.

Tips on Using First Grade Homework Worksheets

1. Make sure worksheets can be successfully completed without any extra resources and instructions.

2. Assign worksheets that reinforce important skills you're teaching in the classroom. It's okay to give fun pages; just make sure that pages aren't "busy work."

3. Don't overdo it! Just give 1-2 worksheets at a time, and not every day of the week.

4. Expect students to bring their completed pages back to school in a timely manner. Make it clear when the paper is due back on your desk. Write that date on the page, if possible.

5. Reinforce responsible behavior with a sticker, words of praise, or some other recognition.

More First Grade Worksheets

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KidZone Grade 1 Worksheets

contributed by Leanne Guenther

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Welcome to Grade One (Kindergarten Review)

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